Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Viva Polo - Chanyeol's Heaven Go To Place

Finally able to taste Viva Polo, EXO's Chanyeol restaurant.
The location is a bit far from the city center of Seoul, but the food is really really good. My husband that is quite picky, turns out loving the food.

Stairs to Viva Polo with many messages left from fan

All merchandises related to EXO, mostly Chanyeol.
Collectible only, not for sale


I did try:
1. Pomodoro/Crema di Granchio - spaghetti with tomato pasta and crab on top of (taste really good!)
2. Anchovy pizza - the anchovy taste not really apparent, but i love the cheese taste

Reserved Area.
The restaurant state to not take pictures when people eat in this area
I am lucky enough to eat infront of this area, so I can observe all the graffiti there.


1. Exit 1 of  Myeongil station. Once you're out of the exit 1, turn right at the very first intersection and look on your right. Viva Polo is located at 2nd floor and the name sign is like above picture, really small in reality. So do look out carefully.

EXIT 1 can basically seen from the restaurant, shows how close it is :)))

Location: Seoul, Korea Selatan


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