Sunday, January 28, 2018

Top 10 Kpop Songs to Cheer Up My Mood

I have loads of fave Kpop Songs!
There's not a surprise since I love Kpop since early 2000, so I couldn't help it could I? lol 😀

This 10 songs actually my golden list, always able to cheer me up in any given situation. Whenever I am feeling down or need some little push to be back in the mood, one of these songs able to do just that.

Let's start the list then..

10. GFRIEND - Me Gustas Tus

Girl Group never fails me. Cutesy concepts were my style since long ago, I think it had something to do with my inner feminine inside. It is a no wonder when Gfriend first come out, I instantly liked their debut songs. Me Gustas Tus is such an easy to listen and being drawn to, without realizing, you'll be hummed to the beat non stop.

The cheerful vibe throughout the songs makes you instantly being attracted and wonder what it feels being a youth (once again). These thought always refreshed me.

9. SNSD - Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)

I didn't instantly like the song when it first come out. It did not have the instant hook like other SNSD songs like Gee or Hoot or The Boys for me. But then I saw their live version and love it dearly. It gives cheery atmosphere with the beat and the uniform. I actually fall in love with Sooyoung here, with her short hair, she's so attractive.

What's makes it much more enjoyable actually the catchy phrase where Fany's said during a concert in the middle of the song... 'DJ, put it back on!' It likes, anything could happen in your life, you stop for a moment to reflect, then game on! Back to the track, move on, continue your life.

8. SMTOWN - Summer Vacation

This song brings many feelings for me. SM is my favorite entertainment group, despite many controversies, I grow up loving Kpop from SM. This song here, combine all my fave SM artists together: Kangta, HeeJun, BoA, Shinhwa, Dana, Fly to the Sky, S.E.S, Blackbeat, Shinvi and M.I.L.K.

Summer songs never goes wrong. It gives you holiday and relax vibe at the same time. That is exactly what I felt after listening to this song. I could be singing it cheerfully since the hook is in English! You won't need to be very cautious of wrong pronunciation lol.

Pardon the MV quality. I couldn't find it everywhere for the decent one.

7. EXO - Lucky

My go-to-karaoke-songs! 💗

A calming song with a simple, somehow cheesy lyrics. It never fails to put a smile on my face every time I heard this song. The language is not that hard to follow as well, even if you're not a Korean native.

The song is perfect to lighten yourself after a hard day, one song you need to listen before hit the bed. It guarantee a tugging smile plastered on your face :)))

6. APink - No No No

What can I say?
The song's intro speak itself!

Dont' be sad no no no
Don't be alone no no no

Both lyrics and gestures give empowerment to the listener. The hand gestures to say No is a strong but sweet cue not to dwell in problems. It's a song create to not stress over a problem as you'll have a friend always.

5. Infinite - Man in Love

I once a hardcore Inspirit, a called for an Infinite fans. I think it lasted around 2 - 3 years. I remembered Man in Love is one of the awaiting come back stage I longed for. I watched every teasers and trailers religiously and instantly liked the song when it first teaser come out. During the live broadcast, I saved all the live versions possible. I am THAT in love with this song.

How can I am not?

The music video was my fave style, full of vibrant colors.
All of them looks astonishingly handsome it blinded me.
The song is very catchy not to fall in love to.
Listen to the music intro, it moves you right away!
...and the lyrics takes you to days when you fall in love, those are the brightest day isn't it?

I start humming along to love songs that I didn't like before... Like a young child, I keep laughing for no reason... All of the melodramas in the world seem like my story

PS: mind the outfit, they put it like that for a reason, to make it more vibrant lol!

4. Wanna One - Wanna Be (My Baby)

One of the fun performance I have ever see.
Everyone having so much fun on the stage, you can feel the energy!

For all Produce 101 Season 2 viewers, must be very familiar with some symbols they are using in the dance as well. It makes you bubbly inside.

3. Hyuna - Bubble Pop

This is the song that makes me fall for Hyuna.
She could ooze that sex appeal without looking dirty.
The song is really fun to sing along to, perfect when you looking for some mantra of I-want-to-feel-sexy instantly

For me, this song makes me embrace myself, being confident as a woman, not afraid to show the world the real me. I could put this song on loop and it instantly increase my self confidence.

2. S - I Swear

Best friends. Best Vocals.
Enough to call this harmonization as a God's gift from above.
Since it's a God's gift, it will be rare to hear them live. You need to wait more than 10 years for a reunion lol.
So, enjoy the gems to soothe your ears and gives you the energy back.

Who knew when they'll be ever coming back to the scene again.

1. H.O.T - Hope

Ultimate Mood Booster!
I couldn't describe more how i love love love LOVEEE this song.

Maybe the lyrics could explain some..

The world surrounded by the darkness, everyone who's falling in that world
Even if it's blocking the faith and love from growing in our minds, there is a solid courage that we can start over
We know we can stand up again
Let's all wipe away our tears and greet the lighting hope, and draw everyone's happy smile
When we look around, it hurts me so much to see the world full of hatred and pain
The hatred that hurts each other, let's all open our minds just a bit and share our love
When we show our love to each other little by little and grow our faith towards each other, there is no cause to be angry or be fighting with each other
There is our hope we've been dreaming of, we can see the beautiful world

Just reading the lyrics itself warmed my heart, adding the music and song, it melts my sorrow instantly.
I couldn't describe more how I SUPER LOVE this song.
It is a no wonder that SM picked the song as an official closing for any SMTOWN concerts. It had all the right messages inside.
I prefer the original version, since both MV and raw vocal gives more empowering vibes inside.

But here's the SMTOWN version, the mainstream one:

So, that's all my list!

I knew I had Kangta in 3 out of 10 above, but I couldn't help it. There's a reason why he's my fave, he sung and wrote some of the best Kpop songs out there 💓💓💓

What is YOUR fave songs to lift up the mood?


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