Saturday, June 9, 2018

5 K-Pop Red Hot Performances

Changing hair style, including color, is not a new trend for K-Pop idols. Most likely it's become some sort of sign that something new going to happen, whether a new albums or any other materials worth to wait. The idols industry surely adapting quickly to the trend. They'd like to give fresh concepts to the market. Being red-haired is one of the way.

Many articles already list down idols that rock the red hairs, you could find it here or here. Red, especially the cherry one, makes one stand out and give a fierce vibrate to the audience. They've done it severely to lasts strong aura in order for hyping up the audience.

There's certain performance that makes use the red hair, giving it the vibe the color represents. Strong, bold, wild and free.


The first solo from Sunggyu, main vocal of Infinite, come as a great showcase to portrait a different kind of Sunggyu as a member of Infinite. Being known as a pop group, Infinite famous for their knife-shaped choreography and catchy dance song. Kind of different with what Sunggyu intends to achieve on his solo materials. Inspired a lot by Nell, his favorite band, rock is the genre he wants to pursue. A touch of red hair bring different vibe, set apart the Infinite's Sunggyu and soloist one.


Day by Day is one of the hay day of T-Ara. The song remained one of the best single from the girl group up to now. The song become iconic maybe for a lot of reasons. Some of the reasons might be they have a super long 15 minutes storyline MV (music video) that follows girl struggling in life, gothic way. Later on, the storyline MV continues with the follow up single, Sexy Love. Another reason is the dance version of this song that gives different charms, being quirky and fun. But maybe, it could be because Hyomin's stunning red hair that steals the spotlight. She's that hot.


What is fire without fire? That is exactly the role of V on the performance. The energy on this song, just like the title like to say, accumulate in V. Although many fans complained on how little the line he got, he still able to be in the spotlight thanks to the hair color. V looks good in red. Fire wants to tell it's okay to be yourself and do not afraid to lose. The lyrics said fire in many part of the song. V is done a good job representing the spark of that fire in the performance.


How Could one forget how fierce Joy is? Once a maknae (the youngest members) in Red Velvet, also part of the mega reality show We Got Married, where both facts able to show her unique charms. Someone that is cute and sweet. Then come Red Flavor days, that styled and prepared as a fun, fresh summer song. To liven the image of fun and fresh that shows what summer is all about, sparkling colors really a must-have choice for them. What more sparkling than red? And who could pull it out the concepts better? Joy is the safest choice. She's already familiar with the market, but not in that cold icy image of Irene. Joy's image is more approachable, a touch of red for her brings summer in 2017 much more enjoyable, with a girl next door singing the summer jam.


The fresh new Ha Sung Woon. Who would have thought the angel voice slash the perfect skin of Wannaone able to pull off a red hair? Sungwoon gives the same impression as Kim Sung Gyu where both stands as main vocal in their respected group and never really tried have a shocking transformation. They always play it safe, since their voice alone could already give distinct color in all the songs they've been involved. So, it's a nice surprise to see both Sungwoon's distinct color in hair and voice blended well in this song. You could check the MV also here, for a great frame of Ha Sungwoon in flowers field, compliment the hair color.

What is your personal favorite of red hot performance? Tell me in the comment below.


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