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My 2018 Half Year Kpop List: A Mixture of Older & New Kpop Gen Part 2

So, as the continuation of part 1, let's find out what my remaining playlist are in store. 

I am a fan of EXO's work, a dedicated EXO-L in some time before turning into Wannable this past year. So, even though the degree of likeness could be slightly different, but all of EXO's release must've been made into my personal playlist. All except EXO CBX's release. CBX is an EXO unit made of the vocal line. Two of them is the main vocal, so the harmonious of a song is safely guaranteed by these unit. Nevertheless, not once did I like their release. Both Hey Mama and Ka-Ching is too messy for a song made to exposed the greatness of their vocal. A great song if it's an EXO's release, since they are famous for dance music and so forth, but I guess no for CBX. I was thinking songs like SNSD TaeTiSeo's had. Great song showcased the strengthness of the members. I know they had the ballad of Someone Like You, still I feel like lacking?

Well, until Blooming Days come.

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The song is an upbeat one I agree, but for me Chen's and Baekhyun's vocal is being portrayed well in the song. They have the fair share of high and low pitch, plus that kind of hush voice is really good as well. The song may not get higher results like their previous release, but it get my heart. Isn't that better? LOL


I was one of that people swimming in the massive Gashina's fever a while back lol. That song is super catchy and I couldn't wait what's in store next from Sunmi. She's one of the rare soloist that could catch my attention. Ever since 24 hours and Full Moon, Sunmi keep provided hits after hits. Not only the song, but accompanied with memorable dance choreo as well. 24 hours provided as with barefoot dancing while Full Moon showcased the sofa's dance. As for Gashina, I think safe to say everyone love the 'sexy to cute swings' in a split seconds.

So I was waiting for her next track, and the second it released, I instantly love it. Apart the controversies, I still think Sunmi manages to charm the song in her own way. In this song she become much more powerful and screams empowerment. I really like the message that goes in this song, goes with the saying 'show must goes on'. Means everything happens in all our lives, at the end of the day, we will chin up and move on.

Who would've thought that Sunmi could go this far, I think many will agree on my opinion if I said that she's the least popular members of Wonder Girls. I hardly recognizes her while still in WG. My fave is always the leader, Sunye. But look at Sunmi now, even HyunA falls behind her in the recent two comebacks last a year back. So eventhough Heroine is not as viral as Gashina, I still think this song is one of the better release in the first half of 2018.


Since the first season, the shows always manage to bring such a catchy song as their main theme song. I have never watched the show religiously, I watched Produce 101 season 2 long after the show ended, but I know by heart all their theme song. From the first season of Pick Me to It's Me (Nayana), all songs really catchy. Not to mention the accompanied choreography that comes within.

When the season 3 introduces, one of the thing that intrigued me the most is the theme song. What kind of song will match the fever glory of the two previous songs. I guess Mnet never disappointed when producing their highlighted show of the year. They had this song from Flow Bow, the same producer's of Produce 101 Season 2's Never and Wannaone's Energetic. Never is by far the best song that Season 2 had, while Energetic is one of the songs that better showcased Wannaone's talent.

The song translated 'Mine' freely but choose the title 'Pick Me' internationally. For me, the title 'Mine' much better version, since you can practically hear they yell 'Nekkeoya' over and over again. I mean, just like 'Nayana' is a better term to describe the season 2's song. Well whatever is, the song is good. I love the cheerful atmosphere and all the trainee's teamwork here. Although the amounts of wink could cause some dizziness lol.


I know that their main comeback song is Chance of Love, and boy did I love that song as well. Chance of Love really portrayed the TVXQ we know, suave and smooth. The gentleman men we already familiar with. Then what makes me choose Love Line?


Love Line showed the casual and laid back version of the boys that we rarely seen. It is evident in both the music videos and stage presence on stage. Both Yunho and Changmin smile a lot, oozed that boys next door aura that you can approach anytime. It definitely a fresh new side amidst all those suit and other stage costume that they usually had. It almost feels like one of those Japanese's summer release that they had.

For me, the song shows how mature the boys now. They can easily enjoy their performance after more than 10 years in the industry, and finished the military as well. There is no need to always shows perfection on stage, that TVXQ is famous for. Now is the moment they enjoy the fame and have fun with their fan.


This year is a guarantee to be year full of Wannaone's release. As the last year of their project, Mnet surely won't miss the opportunity to make the most of it. This year alone, they already have three different comeback with three albums. I Promise U, Boomerang and the latest one, Light. It's kind of hard to pick my favorite, since all of the releases are such a meh comparing to last year's golden of Beautiful.

Not until I knew the sub unit of The Heal. Their latest comeback allowed Wannaone to makes 4 sub-unit, then they had collaboration with different producers. Members Seongwoo and Daehwi are chosen to performed a duet called The Heal, collaborate alongside producer Heize. Heize gained public recognition after come out from music reality shows, Unpretty Rapstar. I guess this experience made Heize realized the moment Wannaone had at the moment. Being as a results of some survival shows, their fame might be temporary, and for Wannaone, they'll end the group by end of this year.


The feeling of both Heize and Wannone, specially Daehwi if i must point out, pour in to the lyrics of this particular song. He is a great producer himself, despite the young age. Much a like like IOI's downpour or Produce 101 Season's 2 Always, this song brings so much meaning of how precious time is.

Baby do not be so sad
Our parting is only a moment.
I promise that I’ll come back to you
Do not worry We’re nothing without you
When tears come in the sand,
You may not be able to meet again
Do not let yourself cry
I guess that what a temporary group is all about. They know their time is limited and will do the best they can to seize the moments. Sandglass definitely wins me in this first half of 2018.

Tell me if you have favorite songs in mind.


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