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TVXQ 3.0

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This posts going to be opinion-based.
I warned you already.

Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기)
Tohoshinki (東方神起)
Tong Vfang Xien Qi (東方神起)

What is a name? Shakespeare might say, but in TVXQ case, it means a lot.
All names might revolve the same thing: Rising Gods from East, but they have different names while promoting in different area. International wise, they use TVXQ, might be cause it's seems easier to pronounce in English.

I reckoned TVXQ in three different eras.


This is when the magic started.
They started as five, debuted in 2004 with "Hug" - a cutie-pie single that will melt every teenage girls in a heartbeat.

The members:
Jung Yunho (U-Know) - Leader with a superb skill in Dancing.
Kim Jaejoong (Hero) - Face of the group with super handsome feature and soft voice.
Park Yoochun (Micky) - Rapper with fluent English.
Kim Junsu (Xiah) - Main Vocal with honey-like voice
Shim Changmin (Max) - Maknae with high-pitched voice

Seeing the composition of the group, made no wonder that these are the recipe of a success boy-group. SM Entertainment prepare a well deserve successors of both H.O.T and Shinhwa. The full stories of the group could be find here

Both their third and fourth album received Album of the Year award. The hit single from their fourth album called Mirotic became one of the iconic song of Kpop until today. TVXQ acclaimed the top spot boy-group of that time. Not only in Korea, Japan also in a great Tohoshinki-disease.

The dispute come from members Hero, Micky and Xiah that decided to left the group on 2010, change everything. Still, this era paved great foundation for Boy-group to lead the Hallyu Wave.

My two favorite from this era were, Korean and Japanese version:

Yes, I am that Noona fell for Changmin and the kitten kissing. LOL. 

How could you not love this song? It's eerily happy-go-lucky one.


What is the probability of your favorite members stayed in a group?
Knowing Kpop full-heartedly since early 2000, idol group doesn't last long. If it's not because of the contract ended, it could be members left.

H.O.T are my faves that decided to disband when the contract ended. Wonder Girls is never be the same when they change member Hyuna in the early days. There's always THAT probabilities. Nothing stay forever and ever. Shinhwa and Fly to the Sky is an exception. They stayed the same through thick and thin.

In TVXQ case, left out by three members, leave Yunho and Changmin in the group. The best part is, both are my faves! I never be Cassies at heart when they are five, I am more an Elf that time, but when they become duo, I instantly love it.

It is heartbreaking that time, waiting whether Yunho and Changmin will continue TVXQ or not. When the three members not waiting a long time to debut as JYJ, Yunho and Changmin are nowhere to be seen.

Not until almost two years later, in 2011, they decided to make a grand comeback with Keep Your Head Down. I must said I never been that impressed. I love every single songs in the album. Its on repeat many times on my playlist.

Yunho and Changmin bring the new era of TVXQ, no doubt about that. While some of their loyal fan disappeared, they still remains strong, especially in Japan. TVXQ is the only Korean group that had different fandom names for their fan. Generally, their fan called Cassiopeia or Cassies in short, referred to a constellation in the Northern Sky. This name was suggested by Changmin. But for their big market in Japan, the fan has their own special name, BigEast. This is indicated how big their market in Japan is.

TVXQ even sell-out their biggest to date album yet in Japan, called Tone. They reached many new achievement in Japan as duo, as you can see some of it here.

This is my favorite era from them. Yunho become so dependable and the Maknae become so much more mature. It blend well to their harmonization and chemistry on stage. I think this is the time where they proved to the audience how strong they are.

What I love from this era?

Though I love Keep Your Head Down to death, I couldn't resist Catch Me when watching it live. See that smooth back? You bet that is sexy in another level!
There is a good cover of this song from the show I Can See Your Voice where TVXQ guesting here.

The song are so Tohoshinki-ish, sexy and smooth. I love this song so much.


Just when I thought they couldn't anywhere blow me away again, I was wrong.

The first warning, started when Yunho discharged from the military and performed at SMTOWN VI Live in Seoul last July 2017. Being one of the audience that time, Yunho alone outperformed both SNSD and Super Junior. It was an outstanding experience for me. I joined the Global Package that time, and I witnessed many who joined the same package are indeed, Tohoshinki fan. They came solely for Yunho, since Changmin still in military.

So, I couldn't wait the day Changmin discharged, reunited with his Hyung, and they make their official comeback.

Well, the day has finally arrived.


This is actually my main reason writing this post. I couldn't get enough of this comeback. Military surely made both of them becoming more mature and but also a bit loose. They are in the era where they didn't need to prove anything else aside stay true to their fan.

So many good reviews about the albums you can found in here, here and here.

They become much more solid this time around. All the songs from the album give different vibes. I am in love with Love Line so much. The live version is carefree and soothing in all the good way.

This dream to watch their concert is bloom again.
I surely hope I be able to join the sea of red in the near time.
T-Red Oceans

How do you feel of the new TVXQ?


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