Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NIT Coffee Shop - Inspirit Place to Chill

NIT Coffee located quite secluded, only 10 minutes bus rides from Hongik Station subway. Considering the quiet area, I did wonder only Inspirits or people coincidentally stumbling the area that visit the cafe.

The front looks of the cafe

the cute Christmast decoration in one of the table

Opening Hours:
10.00 AM - 10.30 PM


1. Take on of these bus in bus stop in front of Hongik University station subway exit 1

2. Drop off at 성산2교  stop (around 7 minutes bus ride)
3. Cross the street and turn on your right
4. Turn left when you found 월드컵북로23길 sign road and walk straight
5. You will soon find the two buildings; NIT Coffee on your left and the new Woollim Building on your right

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cafe BBQ - Sungyeol's place

One of the top list places that i have to visit the last time I visited Seoul is Sungyeol's restaurant in Hapjeong, since it's only a station away from Hongdae, where i stayed.

So, here it is.


Of course, this restaurant need a big picture of Sungyeol. lol

They have terrace area only, too cold during winter

The food kind of so - so, their main dish is chicken as you might already guessed.


Exit 3 of Hapjeong station
when you're out of exit 3, turn around and walk straight. it's on your left. don't walk too fast you might missed it, like i did. check this website for more details directions.

Viva Polo - Chanyeol's Heaven Go To Place

Finally able to taste Viva Polo, EXO's Chanyeol restaurant.
The location is a bit far from the city center of Seoul, but the food is really really good. My husband that is quite picky, turns out loving the food.

Stairs to Viva Polo with many messages left from fan

All merchandises related to EXO, mostly Chanyeol.
Collectible only, not for sale


I did try:
1. Pomodoro/Crema di Granchio - spaghetti with tomato pasta and crab on top of (taste really good!)
2. Anchovy pizza - the anchovy taste not really apparent, but i love the cheese taste

Reserved Area.
The restaurant state to not take pictures when people eat in this area
I am lucky enough to eat infront of this area, so I can observe all the graffiti there.


1. Exit 1 of  Myeongil station. Once you're out of the exit 1, turn right at the very first intersection and look on your right. Viva Polo is located at 2nd floor and the name sign is like above picture, really small in reality. So do look out carefully.

EXIT 1 can basically seen from the restaurant, shows how close it is :)))

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Kitty Cafe - Seoul - New Places :))

The cafe moved to new place, still at Hongdae area.
Bigger places and more pink! :)))

The front gate where all the pink happens

first floor cafe area

where you need to pick up your order

cute 2nd floor area ...

They even got a Hello Kitty Room ...
How cute ...

1. Go to the directions of Sangsangmadang Building as inform by visitkorea site below:
Get off at Hongdae (Hongik University) Station (subway line 2), come out of exit 5. Continue straight, and then take the turning on your left immediately following VIPS restaurant. Continue along that road until you come to the Tourism Information Center. At this point, cross the road, and turn right off the main road into a shopping street. Continue along this street for about 10mins, until you find the Sangsangmadang (상상마당) on your right. 
2. After you see the building, turn left rightaway

Follow the directions of the red arrow :))